LITTLE JOYS: 10th October 2022

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

Morning. Fabulous mackerel sky.

Little Joys October: dramatic skies

I rescued these red cactus dahlias, in a sorry state, from a client’s compost bin weeks ago. Now they are lighting up the garden!

This potted sycamore is the first to turn yellow.

And then very quickly orange!

Little Joys October: autumn colours

I added some gorgeous smoky quartz to my collection. There’s a rainbow locked inside.

My lovely desk, which is really borrowed from my Mum. I’ve spent a lot of time here this week!

Watched the sun set from the train.

There it goes.

People over there had a rather different view!

Planted up some winter pots for a client, with cineraria, cyclamen, skimmia, heather and carex ‘Evergold’, and elsewhere some chrysanthemums, wallflowers and ivy.

Little Joys October: winter planting

Looking back over September’s blessings in my bullet journal.

Little Joys October: conscious living


Little Joys October: Simple Abundance

We went to see The Little Unsaid play. I freaking love them!

Pretty shadows. Once these flowers are dry, hopefully they’ll look nice on my nature shelf over winter.

Went to my little niece’s first birthday party. She preferred the strawberries to the cake.

An ocean of self-seeded winter purslane (aka claytonia) coming up at the community garden. This is a really fabulous low-maintenance edible, but wow, can it take over!

Little Joys October: brilliant winter edible claytonia/winter purslane

Spotted this beautiful green ground beetle: harpalus affinis. They eat weed seeds and little pests such as aphids and root fly larvae, so they’re great to have in the garden!

Little Joys October: green ground beetle


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