LITTLE JOYS: 12th September 2022

It’s nearly a year since I first tried to start this blog, but life can be just crazy, can’t it…?

They say you mustn’t wait for the ‘right time’ because you’ll be waiting forever. They say that the perfect time is always NOW. But just as I tried to start this blog, a personal crisis came along that ripped my life apart, made me question everything I knew about myself and my life, and forced me to put pretty much everything on hold.

Things have settled right down now, thank God, and I’m still here, and I think I’m ready. But let’s start gently.

I’d like to share with you a few of the little joys that made my week. Because whether your life’s in pieces or you’re running the world, it’s all about the little joys.

Oh hello! We walked past a deer park, and met the fallow deer through the fence.

Little Joys: friendly deer

A wonderful at-home dinner of confit duck from Pipers Farm (referral link), creamy mash, and lentils with courgettes and carrots from the garden.

Little Joys: confit duck and mashed potato with lentil ragout

My turbulent six months made me look back at my childhood a lot. I got out my old gemstone collection and have been falling in love with it all over again. This set came from a promotion by Robinson’s Barley Water in the seventies!

Little Joys: gemstone collection

Finally finished this wonderful book – The Overstory by Richard Powers. An expansive tale of interconnected lives and interconnected nature, full of wisdom and tree factoids.

Our miniature container-grown squash harvest! Crown Prince and Uchiki Kuri.

Little Joys: garden squash harvest

It’s that time of year when opening the window on a warm evening brings lots of light-seeking visitors. I think this one’s a square spot rustic moth. We’ve had a lot of straw underwings too.

The last of the Victoria plums from our garden tree. With cream!

Little Joys: garden plums with cream

Catching up with friends over craft beer and American barbecue. The pickles are AMAZING.

Little Joys: food and friends

I figured out the symbol on my skirt means Year of the Dragon – but it’s backwards!

A little visitor joined us for lunch in the summer house.


Be more Noah.

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