LITTLE JOYS: 21st November 2022

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

The most majestic feline I know.

Another gorgeous mushroom! I think it’s a bloody brittlegill. But it’s always hard to be sure with mushrooms.

Little Joys: autumn mushrooms

Rescued a wet bee. Look at its fur and delicate little feet. I put it in a flower to recharge.

Dainty geranium macrorrhizum. The colour of those anthers!

This evergreen clematis ‘Freckles’ is flowering like never before! It must have loved the hot summer.

Little Joys: Clematis 'Freckles' in flower

Echinacea seeds can’t wait to get into the ground!

Curly cloud.

We went to see Symposium play in Islington.

They were the very first proper gig we went to back in 1998!

Little Joys: Symposium live in Islington!

St Pancras at night.


Honeybee enjoying the mahonia.

Little Joys: honeybee on mahonia

Wonderful homegrown carrots! They are ‘Touchon’ and ‘Giant Red’ – some of my favourite heritage varieties. The November garden still gives us plenty of food!

Little Joys: heritage carrots from the garden

That cotinus obovatus again.

Found this in my Book of Truth. When quotes or ideas really resonate with me or teach me something, I keep them in this notebook. This was from a podcast a few years ago.

Fried chicken burger at Gordon Ramsay’s Street Burger. I realise it’s probably starting to look like I only eat burgers, steak and barbecue. That is not the case. But these things bring me a lot of joy!

Little Joys: food from Street Burger

Saw Chris Cleverley play at the Slaughtered Lamb – amazing gig!

He had dinosaur socks on.

Borage in flower at the community garden. It’s a great self-seeding wildflower for gardens, and the bees love it.

It must be nearly Christmas…!

Finishing the week snuggled up under a blanket with a pint of ale.

Little Joys: a cosy pint


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