LITTLE JOYS: 23rd January 2023

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

I bought Christmas chocolates in the sale! (It’s part of my Joyful January strategy…)

Little Joys: chocolates chosen in the sales

It hailed, and turned the rooftops white for a couple of hours as if it had snowed.

Warming chicken stew and mash. Proper winter comfort food!

Little Joys: winter comfort food

Snickers beer!

I definitely bought this one because of the can art…

Filled my new trinket shelf with some of my treasures from nature.

Little Joys: nature's treasures on display

It’s got a lichenry!

My veg seeds arrived from – I’m super excited to try some new varieties!

Little Joys: seeds ready for spring...

Husband made dinner. He is learning and I am proud of him…

My orchid has been flowering for five months now!

It’s been another week of gorgeous hoar frosts and sunshine.

Frosty catkins.

Little Joys: frosty catkins spotted on a nature walk

Went to a garden centre and walked in a tree fern forest.


Little Joys: primroses for the spring garden!

My friend wanted winter jasmine.

We looked at the fish in the aqua centre!

Little Joys: goldfish!

It’s another world down there…

I love this guy!

What a handsome shirt!

Sometimes I wonder why my fascination with weird nature doesn’t particularly extend to sea life. And then I realise that if it did, I really wouldn’t get anything done.

A group of turtles is called a bale.

Little Joys: a bale of turtles

The label said ‘cultured yellow toadstool’ but I’m pretty sure it’s coral.


At the community garden I started a list of all the animal species I could spot. I saw 23, which I think is pretty good for January! There was one mammal (squirrel), three birds, five insects (two flies and three springtails) and the rest were other invertebrates.

Now I know that there are blue springtails.

Little Joys: blue springtail found in the community garden

This spider shone green in the sun! It’s light diffraction caused by the fine hairs on its abdomen.

Also in the community garden, the hellebores and snowdrops are coming out!


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