LITTLE JOYS: 2nd January 2023

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Happy new year! I am often a bit resistant to the new year hype – it’s all kinda arbitrary really and we’d do better to look at every single day as an exciting fresh start, don’t you think? But 2022 really was a rough ride, and I’m very happy to put it more firmly behind me with a good number-change.

Plus I usually get a bit of a rest in January, and enjoy spending some time reviewing the old and planning the new. Christmas has been busy work-wise and dampened by this cold/flu which is still hanging on, and I have even grown behind with my bullet journal and goal-setting. So having a bit of time to relax and ground myself in the new year now feels reeeeeal gooooood.

I loved having some holly from the garden in a vase indoors over Christmas.

The rosemary is beginning to flower at the back door.

Little Joys: rosemary flowering in winter

I watched this spider with its catch!

Little Joys: a spider's catch of the day!

Vinca difformis ‘Jenny Pym’. What a beauty. She always looks good, doesn’t mind shade, blooms in winter (and any other time she feels like it) and those flowers are so pretty!

Little Joys: vinca difformis Jenny Pym in the garden

I took part in the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland’s New Year Plant Hunt, and found seven species in flower in the town centre. This white dead nettle is the obvious favourite.

Little Joys: white dead nettle for the New Year Plant Hunt

Red dead nettle was the most abundant.

Little Joys: red dead nettle for the New Year Plant Hunt

And I loved taking a closer look at the petty spurge. It’s a highly annoying weed… But still a miraculous little piece in nature’s amazing puzzle!

Little Joys: petty spurge for the New Year Plant Hunt

Just some more gem chip bracelets.

I loooove the big navel oranges at this time of year!

Spotted this black bryony in the woods. Like nature’s own Christmas garlands!

Little Joys: black bryony garland in the woods

My echeveria is going to flower!


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