LITTLE JOYS: 13th March 2023

I’ve got to admit, I don’t have much for you this week. I guess that’s because I had a bit of a tough week, but not because I don’t experience little joys during the tough weeks. Tough weeks just make me lazy about taking photos!

It snowed, quite a lot, which meant gardening work was cancelled. Good for my novel-writing, bad for my bank balance! The snow never settled, but I enjoyed watching it fall.

I love this cornus ‘Midwinter Fire‘ in my garden all winter. Some people find them a bit garish but I love to have some colour in my garden all year long!

My leeks and spring onions have germinated well and are going outside during the day to harden off.

Growing my own: leek and spring onion seedlings looking good

This coaster in the farm shop found me on just the right day.

Colourful cornus stems at the garden centre.

And this gorgeous dwarf cherry, which I was very tempted by…

We looked at the pets in the garden centre just for fun!

Charity shop find of the week. I mean, who wouldn’t want a pink ceramic dinosaur?

Surprised to find a lacewing in the house. Like a few other insects we’ve found this winter, I think it must have pupated and emerged indoors somewhere. Check out that shadow!

Winter wildlife: lacewing found in the house

I popped it on an aphid-ridden houseplant. It seemed quite at home for a bit, but then I read up and learned that only their larvae eat aphids – the adults only eat nectar and honeydew.

The pulmonaria in the garden is flowering at last.

Winter flowers: pulmonaria

On date night we did this jigsaw puzzle from my childhood! It’s going to the charity shop now.

Found four types of spiders in the tool store at the community garden! This is steatoda grossa, the false black widow.

Winter wildlife: steadota grossa sheltering in the garden tool store

Rainbow moment.

Little joys: rainbows on the wall


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