LITTLE JOYS: 20th March 2023

I’ve been feeling quite depressed this week. Noticing little joys is one of my defenses against it, but so too are choosing not to worry about it, and choosing not to identify with it. Anthony de Mello’s book ‘Awareness’ completely changed my relationship with depression – here are some key lessons from it: You Are Not Your Depression, The Harder You Try To Change, The Worse It Gets, and Clinging To Illusion.

Anyway, here’s my week in gratitude:

Burger date with my love.

We went to see ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, and it was wonderful and bonkers. This was in the foyer of the cinema – we only ‘got’ it on our way out!

Garden friend.

Rock of the week is this stunning labradorite pebble. Labradorite is a type of feldspar – a very common mineral which forms around 60% of the earth’s crust and is used for making glass and ceramics – but which has formed in a very specific way to create the iridescence within.

Little Joys: a beautiful labraborite pebble

Plum blossom.

Frogspawn in a client’s garden pond!

Little Joys: first spring frogspawn in the garden

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful lichen this week – it think it has enjoyed the wet weather. Count the types!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before.

Moss too!

Chionodoxa in someone’s lawn. I love them!

More chionodoxa – a purple variety.

My favourite.

Little Joys: a perfect steak sandwich

I had a visit from some beautiful geese.

Goose butts.

The pepper and aubergine seedlings are coming on well. I suppose it’s about time I potted them up – this week it’s time to sow tomatoes, so I need to make some room!

Little Joys: healthy aubergine and pepper seedlings for the food garden

A foxy visitor.

Little Joys: a fox visiting the garden

I made this in my bullet journal. I’m serious this time.

Little Joys: my publishing plan

Family lunch.

Look up!

Little Joys: red kite in the sky

Walked past a church at night and the stained glass windows looked beautiful.


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