LITTLE JOYS: 24th October 2022

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

Seedlings! A wonderful promise-filled sight any time of year. These are the broccoli, lettuce and choi sum I sowed in September. The winter spinach are emerging too, and so are self-sown lamb’s lettuce and winter purslane. It’s too late to sow seeds now but it’s the perfect time to plant garlic, which I did this week too.

Little Joys October: autumn seedlings in the garden

The last tomatoes and aubergines, indoors to ripen.

Crunchy, crackly beechnut shells underfoot.

Little joys October: crackly beechnut shells underfoot

Being a gardener brings me lots of doggy friends. Here’s Murphy. Check out those eyebrows!

Monkshood and maple. What a combo!

Liquidambar tree is on my dream garden list.

Little joys October: Liquidamber in autumn colours

Tasty lunch of leftover oxtail on toast. I shredded it and heated it through with some fried mushrooms and a spoonful of caramelized onion chutney. Om nom!

The sunshine after the rain.

Never tire of sunrises.

Our local nursery donated lots of surplus growbags to our community garden! We topped up the raised beds and mulched a lot of other beds too.

Bumblebee on salvia ‘Hot Lips’ at the community garden. These flower such a long time – they’ve been going since June!

Fantastic liriope muscari – one of my faves at this time of year.

Little Joys October: liriope muscari

We went to the posh Indian fusion place in town and splashed out on the tasting menu. It was wonderful!

Little joys October: wonderful tasting menu at an Indian restaurant

We had an amazing storm! Pink lightning, constant grinding thunder, and hailstones like acorns!

Little Joys October: lightning storm


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