LITTLE JOYS: 6th February 2023

I had lots of opportunities for walks outdoors this week, which means it was packed with little joys! People often say that nature is great medicine, but it’s much more than that. It’s our home; it’s where we came from and where we belong; it’s foundational to our wellness. We are part of it, and separation from it is bad news all round. Spring is in the air now and nature is waking up, so I encourage you to get outside and get some nature in your eyes!

Bare hogweed seedheads.

Little Joys: picturesque winter stems against a blue sky

Adorable shaggy fungus on a log.

I could hardly believe how yellow these catkins were in the sunshine!

Spider of the week, found in our bathroom. It’s a money spider in the megalepthyphantes genus. I love the stripey socks!

Little Joys: megalepthyphantes spider

We decluttered and deep-cleaned our bathroom this week, and it feels good to have clean tiles and grout again! The secret is bleach on a toothbrush…

Little Joys: clean tiles!

Decluttered doesn’t have to mean minimalist!

Pipers Farm turkey burgers for a quick supper. They were great!

Little Joys: Pipers Farm turkey burger

Stunning morning sky.

We went to Bramfield to try to spot hawfinches, which are known to overwinter there. We got one fleeting glimpse, but it flew off just as I got the binoculars focused!

Little Joys: St Andrews churchyard, Bramfield

It was a beautiful day anyway.

There were crocuses flowering in the churchyard.

Little Joys: February crocuses

And a big beautiful bumblebee!

Little Joys: February bumblebee

We spotted deer tracks nearby. I think they’re from a roe deer.

And stopped off at this charming bus stop library in the village.

Little Joys: Bramfield bus stop library

We went for a walk in Balls Wood and spotted this ancient chap.

Shoots on wild honeysuckle.

Little Joys: nature waking up from winter...

We saw lots of different mosses and lichens.

And some fantastic fungi.

Little Joys: fantastic fungi on a mossy stump

And some muntjac deer, who spotted us too!

Look up! The trees are filling with buds…

Found this perfect little mint moth in the house.


I adore cyclamen coum in the garden at this time of year.

Weekend breakfast! Bacon and egg bap.

We went to Walkern Hall NGS garden.

Little Joys: Walkern Hall NGS garden

It was all about the snowdrops and winter aconites.

Snowdrops have secrets if you know where to look.

Little Joys: underneath a snowdrop

Keeping watch.

These are liriodendron (tulip tree) seed heads – I’ve never noticed them before!

Little Joys: liriodendron seed heads

I loved this enormous plane tree, still showing off its baubles.

Little Joys: plane tree

More mosses and lichens.

Little Joys: nature's treasures - lichen and moss on a tree branch

I finally threw myself back into editing my novel this week, after a long break, and handed my chief encourager three new chapters.


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