LITTLE JOYS: 13th February 2023

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

Spider of the week. Zygiella x-notata – the missing-sector orb weaver. What a beauty!

Little Joys: spider zygiella x-notata

She’s been living at the back door all winter, guarding eggs, and we’ll let her stay in her little corner until the weather warms up.

Misty morning.

A very good sandwich. Sod the BLT, mine’s a BAT – bacon, avocado and tomato.

Little Joys: tasty bacon avocado tomato sandwich

I’ve done lots more editing this week.

Little Joys: "omit needless words"

My echeveria is flowering.

We had more hoar frosts – beautifully modelled here by ivy berries.

Morning walk. I’ve got really out of the habit this winter, but I must get going with daily walks again!

Little Joys: walking in nature on a beautiful morning

It was a really gorgeous day!

New shoots on elder. Spring is coming…


Little Joys: winter snowdrops

Look up!

Red sky in the morning.

Frosted phlox on pond rocks. Try saying that three times quickly!

Little Joys: frozen pond and frosty plants in the garden

Good excuse not to do some weeding, I reckon.

Spider of the second half of the week! Immature steatoda grossa (probably).

Little Joys: spider steatoda grossa (probably)

Bought these two brilliant books, which I’ve been wanting all winter. ‘Winter Trees‘ and ‘A Field Guide to Bryophytes‘ (that’s mosses and liverworts).

Wonderful weekend dinner of pan-fried Piper’s Farm turkey steaks, roast potatoes and parsnips, buttered cabbage and delicious mashed swede.

Little Joys: Pipers Farm turkey steaks

Really vivid blue lichen on a tree at the community garden. At least I think it’s lichen… I’ve had so much trouble trying one like it online, I’m forced to wonder if it’s really just paint… But I think it’s lichen! It’s in a really weird out-of-the-way place and very contained if someone was just making mischief with paint!

Little Joys: mysterious blue lichen on town centre sycamore tree

It’s been a good week for spiders! This nurseryweb spider doesn’t belong indoors at all – I guess she got lost.

First light.


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