LITTLE JOYS: 20th February 2023

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Being able to get groceries delivered to my door is one of the big little joys! It always makes me feel so grateful.

Little Joys: online grocery delivery

Leftover cabbage and bacon with breakfast.

Husband and I walked to the pub for our weekly meeting.

Art for sale.

We love macaroni peas for a quick and easy supper at the moment! The peas are blended with butter, garlic, parmesan, nutmeg and a dash of the cooking water.

Little Joys: quick and easy dinner - macaroni peas

Arum italicum on my woodland walk – a garden escapee!

Misty cobweb.

I crafted.

Valentine’s day dinner. Creamy mushroom spaghetti with venison steak. Everything was perfectly done!

Little Joys: Valentine dinner with Pipers Farm venison steak


Catkins on purple hazel!

Willow buds. So soft!

Spider of the week: a spitting spider! It’s a unique spider – it walks slowly and spits web over its prey! And it’s one of few spiders that have six eyes instead of eight.

Little Joys: indoor wildlife - scytodes thoracica

Date night. Tiny Rebel brewery did a special event at the pub. The Coffee & Popcorn Slow Drip Stout was my favourite!

After the pub we went for another fantastic dinner. This is chicken stuffed with sundried tomatoes, with dauphinoise potatoes, mushroom sauce, butternut squash and sprouting broccoli. It was so good.

The heather is flowering in the garden.

And so is the daphne. I wish you could smell it!


Rosemary. I saw my first honeybee of the year on these flowers this week!

I went bug-hunting in the garden, and found lots of springtails! They are teeny-tiny.

A springtail gathering.

Little Joys: springtails in my garden

Beautiful barklice.

I was hoping to find ‘inconspicuous ladybirds’. But I only found conspicuous ones.

And some more cool spiders. This is philodromus collinus, a running crab spider.

Little Joys: philodromus collinus spider

My walking onions from Real Seeds are sprouting!

Getting ready to sow the year’s first seeds. I’ll warm the compost on the propagator, and pop the seeds in tomorrow!

Little Joys: sowing seeds for the food garden


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