LITTLE JOYS: 1st May 2023

Because it’s not the big goals and successes in life that bring true happiness, but the little joys that you choose to notice each day.

Made spaghetti with anchovies, wild garlic and peas. Delicious!

In the pub.

Gorgeous white dead nettle on my footpath.

This one’s called golden archangel!

Made lasagne for the first time in a long time. Does anyone else eat lasagne with cauliflower, or is it just us?

Green cabbage bug.

The very handsome caterpillar!

Love these ‘Little Beauty’ tulips.

Tiny beetle.

Spotted this year’s first damselfly.

Finally planted my potatoes. They were raring to go!

Wallflower time. They smell so good!

Look up!

Little Joys: pink cherry blossom against a blue sky above

There was wonderful blossom everywhere this week.

Little Joys: delicate pink apple blossom

This tree has two colours!

Little Joys: street tree with pink blossom on the upper branches and white blossom on the lower ones

We got caught in a crazy hailstorm!

Little Joys: hailstones lying in swathes on the pavement

Afterwards, the ground was covered in blossom petals.

Pink pavements!

We arrived at our restaurant drenched, but the food soon warmed us up!

Little Joys: tasty pulled pork croquettes

Brisket burger.

I can’t wait for this day.

Little Joys: 'Fudgement Day' imperial stout can in a tap room


A surprise love note in my lunchbox!

Wonderful euphorbia polychroma!

Wild greens and kale picked from the garden. I used them all in a (terribly unphotogenic) risotto.

Our local coffee shop now turns into a bar in the evenings!

This little urban ecosystem made me smile.

Saturday was so warm! I went out without a jacket or jumper.

Saw a speckled wood on my walk.

My gemstone bracelet game is strong right now. And they’re even more amazing in the sunshine!

Little Joys: green-toned gem chip bracelets on my wrist made of emerald, peridot, ruby fuchsite and bloodstone

Forget-me-nots everywhere.

My M&S Sparks card gave me a free yumnut.

A honeysuckle sawfly in my garden. Just WOW!

Little Joys: the honeysuckle sawfly is stunning metallic gold in colour

Oak jumping spider – the little spider with the big arms!

It may not be pretty, but this venison osso bucco stew with red wine and mushrooms was divine. There’s some mashed potato under there somewhere!


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